Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick & Easy: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

YUM!  Hard to argue with the health benefits of dark chocolate AND getting a serving of fruit too!  Just remember though, everything in moderation.

Serving Size - 1 strawberry

1/4 cup Ghirardelli bittersweeet baking chips
1 tsp canola oil

1.  Wash and dry strawberries.  Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.

2.  In a large microwavable cup/mug, place the baking chips and oil.  Microwave for 1 minute at power level of 7.

3.  Carefully remove the cup and stir the chips and oil until the mixture is a smooth liquid consistency.

4.  Carefully dip and swirl the strawberry in the liquid chocolate.  While still holding the strawberry, allow excess chocolate to drip back into the cup.  Place chocolate covered strawberry on the wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Continue the process for the rest of the strawberries.  Cover with tented foil so as not to touch the strawberries and place in the fridge to let the chocolate set.

Exchanges:  1 fruit
(8-10) fresh strawberries
Calories - 50                     Sodium - 2mg
Total Fat - 0.6g                Total carbs - 11g   w/net carbs - 7.5g
Protein - 1g                          Dietary Fiber - 3.5g
                                              Sugar - 7g

1/4 cup Ghirardelli bittersweet chips (32 chips)
Calories - 160                         Sodium - 0mg
    Calories from Fat - 100      Total carbs - 16g   w/net carbs - 14g
Total Fat - 12g                             Dietary Fiber - 2g
   Saturated Fat - 7g                    Sugar - 12g
   Trans Fat - 0g                       Protein - 1g
Cholesterol - 0g

Source: my own creation


  • Ok, so I looked at several different conversion charts and basically came up with looking at each individual ingredient's nutritional facts.
  • Again, moderation!  And remember, you need to make sure that you are adding this dessert into your total carbs for your meal.
  • Being able to have one is better than none.

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